Prix de Lausanne – 38th Edition (January 26th to 31st)

Prix de Lausanne 2010: In the Theatre de Beaulieu from January 26th to 31st, 2010
This 38th edition of the famous competition features a record number of participants, two selected Swiss candidates, a Chinese guest school, photos around town, a special event in a shopping centre, and a change of president.
It’s a record: 226 candidates from 36 countries wished to take part in the Prix de Lausanne 2010. Only 81 of them have been selected, and for the first time ever there are more boys than girls! Another noteworthy fact is that two Swiss candidates are among those selected – something that has not occurred for years !
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the official recognition of China by Swiss authorities, the Shanghai Dance School will perform during the interlude in a choreography specially created for the Prix de Lausanne. This is the first appearance in Switzerland for this top-level school which is a partner of the Prix de Lausanne. The second part of the interlude will be graced by two principal dancers of the Royal Ballet, Leanne Benjamin (a Prix de Lausanne prizewinner in 1981) and Edward Watson, who will perform a pas de deux from the “Manon” ballet.
The Prix de Lausanne meets the people of Lausanne: large-size photos are exhibited on the Grand-Pont, others are criss-crossing the town on the back of 15 buses, while yet others are enlivening the Centre Métropole Lausanne shopping centre, enabling all to share in the emotions, the magic and the beauty displayed by these young dancers from around the world.
On January 16th, an unusual event will delight spectators in the Centre Métropole Lausanne: 14 professional dancers will reveal a part of their daily work to passers-by, before leading them into a dance.
The Prix de Lausanne 2010 is also the last edition to take place under the presidency of Charles Gebhard, since the latter has decided to retire from this role in the belief that a change of leadership naturally gives fresh impetus to an institution. He will be succeeded as of March 1st 2010 by Beth Krasna, currently a member of the Board of the Foundation and president of the finance committee.
Tickets for the final are on sale from the Opéra de Lausanne: +41 (0)21 310 16 00 or
In addition to the finals, some of the competition activities are open to the public from Wednesday January 27th to Friday January 29th and all day Saturday 30th. Tickets on sale at the entrance: 10 Swiss francs from Wednesday to Friday, 20 Swiss francs on Saturday.
Children aged 7 to 15: free of charge
Information: Prix de Lausanne press department
Catherine Kopitopoulos, Jean-Paul Dinh
+41 (0) 21 643 24 08 – Fax +41 (0)21 643 24 09
Created in 1973, the Prix de Lausanne, is an annual international competition for young dancers aged 15 to 18. Its goal is to discover, promote and support the world’s finest young talents. Over 60 of the world’s most prestigious dance schools and companies, such as the Royal Ballet School of London, the School of American Ballet in New York, and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, are associated with the Prix de Lausanne and support its activities.
One of a kind, the Prix de Lausanne represents an exceptional platform for discovering youthful talents and is open to dance professionals who can observe and establish contacts with candidates, thereby transforming Lausanne into the world’s capital for young dancers during the month of January.
More information about the Prix de Lausanne 2010 is available on the website:

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